RPA Europe 2021

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

April 13-15


Azim Zicar

Position:  RPA Consultant

Company: Zicar Consultancy Ltd

Country: UK


Azim is an RPA expert with experience in creating, building, and maintaining the robotic workforce. Since finding RPA in 2016, he has been passionate about using software robots to add value to businesses. He has worked as a lead developer in many RPA projects spanning multiple industries is looking forward to give you a deep insight into building an RPA Bot.


Lessons Learned from Scaling an RPA Team

There are many challenges involved in scaling any team, an RPA team or CoE is no exception.

In this talk, Azim will cover some of the more important lessons he has learned whilst scaling teams from a Lead Developer perspective in order to give you a fresh perspective and a heads up about some common challenges he has come across.

Session Keywords

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