RPA Europe 2021

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

April 13-15


Bálint Kulcsár 

Position:  RPA consultant

Company: BCA Hungary Kft.

Country: Hungary


Balint is a mathematician by trade, a problem solver by nature and an RPA consultant by choice. Under the banner of BCA Hungary Ltd., he is currently the account representative for one of the key energy sector corporations in Central & Eastern-Europe: an instrumental player in the RPA reformation of the whole group.
He is a true RPA-generalist, who takes half-described processes and transforms them into fully automated and comprehensive RPA solutions. As a trained teacher from a past life, he is a gifted communicator who takes great joy in sharing his knowledge. Balint grew up halfway between the UK and the continent, which explains his zealously over tea and his indifference to rain.

Angelika Benkő-Redl

Position:  Head of Customer & Process eXcellence Department (CPX)

Company: K&H Group

Country: Hungary


Angi is a result-oriented and passionate change expert with 20+ years of experience in delivering E2E, customer-focused solutions.
Primary areas of expertise include: business consulting and change management at Accenture, six-sigma Master Black Belt and Quality Leader at GE Money (Budapest Bank), operational efficiency, and cx advisor as head of Customer and Process Excellence at K&H Bank (KBC entity) since 2015.

2 years ago, she has also established the RPA Competency Center and governs all intelligent process automation activities within the Hungarian Bank and Insurance group.
Angi enjoys change, so in 2020 her new passion became KARATE – together with her talented young daughters and enduring husband she has decided: Why not go for a real black belt this time ?


From the Simple to the More Complex – Document Handling RPA Experiences in a Banking Environment

Presentation addresses how RPA can effectively support the operation of a commercial bank in different scenarios. The implementation journey is described through real examples.
Experiences of a RPA consultant are presented alongside customer side challenges, such as finding the right engagement model, selecting processes that are worth automating or even positioning automation in a large enterprise. The audience can gain insight into the implementation process, learn about the methodology and technologies used, they can see how to approach different cases and what results can be achieved.
Two successful implementations are described as case-studies.

Use-case #1:
Checking a large number of incoming invoices in SAP – how automation of simple tasks speeds up operation and improves the quality of a process?
(How did we achieve a level of automation that surpasses 90%? Introducing as-is process and business challenge, showcase technical difficulties of implementation – SAP handling, OCR engines and data extraction)

Use-case #2:
Categorization of legal documents related to mortgage documents – how to improve efficiency by automating tasks that require more complex content processing?
(How can be the different digitalized and scanned documents processed easily? Challenges of document identification and data extraction from Regular Expression to Document Understanding framework)

A comprehensive and practical presentation, which aims to provide hands-on information about RPA in a way that is understandable for non-professionals, and at the same time provides an opportunity for expert participants to ask their questions regarding technical details.

Session Keywords

🔑 UiPath
🔑 Document Processing
🔑 Case Study