RPA Europe 2021

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

April 13-15


Barbara Zuzana Bodnár

Position:  Service Portfolio Manager

Company: Deutsche Telekom

Country: Slovakia


Barbara Zuzana Bodnar is a service portfolio manager at Deutsche Telekom IT with focus on robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.


Scaling Automation – Journey of Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has one of the largest robotics farms worldwide built in over 5 years. During this time, we have not only been able to experiment with a number of technologies and platforms for automation but also to have collect a lot of lessons learned based on our wins and losses.

We have over 900 virtual workers and almost 2000 automated processes which gives us a specific perspective on how to make the automation scalable and efficient.
Join this session and have a look on our journey.

Session Keywords

🔑 Scalability
🔑 Case Study