RPA Europe 2021

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

April 13-15


Eduard Shlepetskyy

Position:  Founder & UiPath MVP

Company: Ective.eu

Country: Slovakia


Eduard is a passionate automation practitioner, founder of Ective.eu and UiPath MVP (most valuable professional)
Being bin automation business since 2015 he was involved in many large scale intelligent automation projects. Having automation as a passion, not only job, he runs a podcast, automationimpact.io

“Passion for automation” is what drives him.


Why to Automate Not Perfect Processes

There is a common understanding that before process is to be automated, it should be optimised. Presentation brings practical reasons, arguments and use cases why it makes sense to automate process, even if it is not perfect.

Session Keywords

🔑 Process Automation
🔑 Use Cases