RPA Europe 2021

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

April 13-15


Justina Kasiulevičiūtė

Position:  Head of Process Automation Unit

Company: ESO

Country: Lithuania


1) +4 years in RPA

· Currently her team is automating processes not only using RPA, but also combining such technologies as Computer Vision (Python), ML, VBA, Microsoft Flows, Power Apps and Visual Studio.

· ~ 100 processes automated in less than 2 year with 4 developers on board.

2) “Women Go Tech” alumni

3) #IamRemarkable Facilitator

She is passionate about automation & efficiency, that is why many of her hobbies are related to it. She is especially interested in encouraging other women to select tech industry


Untold Stories From Hands-on Experience of 4 Years in Rpa

Lessons learned – what has worked and what has not (in terms of implementation, delivery methodology, people, technology and etc.)

Session Keywords

🔑 Implementation