RPA Europe 2024

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

November 20-22

Vilnius, Lithuania & Online

Confirmed Talks

Łukasz Gebel

TomTom, Poland

Do Developers Dream of Stateless Apps?

In Blade Runner by P. K. Dick, trained hunters had to retire problematic Androids. We, Developers, are similar to those hunters. Our job is to solve problems. State brings complexity and troubles. Getting rid of it is not always possible. How to make our stateful distributed system highly available?

Session Keywords

🔑 Cloud
🔑 Distributed Systems
🔑 State Management
🔑 Architecture

Antonio Peric-Mazar

Locastic, Croatia

Are You Failing at Being Agile?

In these past few years, agile methods became a vital part in the software development process, but are they really applicable for all types of projects and team sizes?
A while ago, their company changed the way they approach project development because the team noticed that standard SCRUM-ish methods aren’t fully compatible for them, so they developed their own, modified version of agile. 

Session Keywords

🔑 Agile
🔑 Organization
🔑 Happiness

Victor Zanabria

Ikano Bank, Sweden

Kubernetes Architecture 101

Kubernetes (k8s) is the most popular container orchestration system without a doubt. Every day tons of new k8s clusters are created and new k8s practitioners are born. Unfortunately, the excitement of getting straight to the practice usually comes together with a lack of a clear understanding of the k8s architecture, which is very helpful at the begining of any kubernetes implementation project.

Session Keywords

🔑 DevOps
🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Architecture

Chien Huey

The Knot WorldWide, USA

Using Kubernetes to Reduce Infrastructure Cost and Increase Engineering Productivity

In this talk, we’ll discuss services how Kubernetes fits into an infrastructure cost reduction strategy. As part of TKWW’s Engineering Productivity team, Chien has built and operated TKWW’s Kubernetes clusters currently hosting about 75% of TheKnot.com. They reduced compute costs by 40% using Kubernetes. He’ll discuss the various built-in Kubernetes add-ons for logging, metrics, TLS certificate generation, reverse proxy, spot instance management and reporting.

Session Keywords

🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Infrastructure Costs
🔑 Productivity

Kalle Sirkesalo

Eficode, Finland

DevSecOps: Security at DevOps Speed

The aim of this session is to glimpse at what DevSecOps is, how you can do it, what you should do and what all the hype is about. Kalle Sirkesalo will walk you through how to set this up in a CI/CD and what are the benefits. After this session, you will be able to have discussions with your team and management about implementing the basics of DevSecOps to your tooling.

Session Keywords

🔑 DevSecOps

Wayne Wang

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., USA

Life Is Better When Things Flow – Apply 0/100 Principle to CI/CD

“0/100”, or zero defects and 100% first-time-through (FTT), is the holy grail of the Lean manufacturing movement. Zero defects mean that your product or service will have no defects when it is provided to the customer and 100% FTT means that as your in-progress work moves through your workstations or value stream, it is successful on the first try so there is no re-work or in-process repair.

Session Keywords

🔑 Lean
🔑 Flow
🔑 0/100
🔑 Five Whys
Code to Cloud

In the old days we write our program, build and just run that program. Now we write it, build it and then we have various ways of running it; maybe just as a binary on a machine of some kind (virtual likely, but doesn’t matter), or package it into a container or maybe take that container and make it part of a bigger deployment (K8s) or maybe deploy it into a serverless or service mesh.

Session Keywords

🔑 Cloud
🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Ballerina

Jakub Nabrdalik

Bottega IT Minds, Poland

Common Mistakes When Moving to Microservices

While helping organizations move to microservices and public clouds, Jakub has noticed a lot of common problems. Architecture is described at infrastructure level (k8s, cloud services, etc.) without any focus on domain architecture. Enterprise architects are put in charge of software architecture. Architecture guilds are created without introducing the required practices and culture. QA still thinks that end to end tests are possible.

Session Keywords

🔑 Microservices
🔑 Cloud

Ignat Korchagin

Cloudflare, UK

Reconciling Performance and Security in High Load Environments

Most perceive security fixes and improvements as a necessary evil, because security is much “less tangible” than primary product functionality in terms of potential revenue. On top of not bringing any “meaningful” value to the overall system, security comes at a cost of potential performance degradation, as it steals precious CPU cycles and memory from the overall resource pool.

Session Keywords

🔑 Performance
🔑 Security

Julian Bueno

ABN AMRO / Innovation Lab, The Netherlands

Practical DevSecOps

Because being agile is not enough and DevOps is missing something.
This session describes a pragmatic and successful implementation of DevSecOps practices. The presentation gives concrete examples of how to implement several principles that you might need while scaling your practice without introducing unnecessary frictions.

Session Keywords

🔑 DevSecOps
🔑 Scaling