RPA Europe 2021

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

April 13-15


Diego Hueltes

Position:  Machine Learning Manager

Company: RavenPack

Country: Spain


Diego is the Machine Learning Manager at RavenPack, in Marbella, (Málaga, Spain). He is teacher in the Big Data & Analytics master for ESESA IMF, an Antonio de Nebrija University title.

He also collaborated teaching in the Big Data Executive Program at Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), a Spanish business school where he has been also a Big Data mentor.

He is passionate about Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and he love to share this passion speaking in international congresses & seminars, being the opening or closing keynoter in some important ones.


From the Earth to the Moon: Lessons from the Space Race to Apply in Machine Learning Projects

The space race was a EEUU – Soviet Union competition to conquer the space. This competence helped to develop space technology in an incredible manner, developing other derivative technologies as a side effect.

This race was full of success in both sides, achieving goals that seemed impossible in record time.

From this space race we can learn some lessons that we can apply to our Machine Learning projects to have a bigger success rate in a limited amount of time.

Session Keywords

🔑 Machine Learning
🔑 Project Management
🔑 AI