RPA Europe 2024

RPA, business process optimization and AI conference

November 20-22

Vilnius, Lithuania & Online


Workshop No:


In the practice-oriented session workshop participants can gain insight into the mysteries of document processing alongside use-cases:

  • Why working with different documents (invoices, certificates, contracts, etc.) is crucial during RPA implementation?
  • What are the various document categorization and data extraction techniques?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and when to use which one?
  • How to choose the right solution, what aspects to consider?
  • What steps a successful implementation consists of?

Workshop No:


This workshop will provide a deep insight into RPA. It’s a fun activity that will expose as many elements of the journey of an RPA project as possible so that you can get a taste of what it’s like to build a robot and it’s challenges depending on your role. This session is aimed at anyone interested in RPA regardless of your role i.e. Managers, Business Analysts, Developers as the information shared will cover a diverse range of real world scenarios when working on an RPA Project